NEW YORK – Jim Carroll, the poet and punk rocker who wrote "The Basketball Diaries," died Friday. He was 60.

He died from a heart attack at his home in Manhattan, his ex-wife Rosemary Carroll told the New York Times.

In the 1970s, Carroll was a fixture of the burgeoning downtown New York art scene, where he mixed with artists such as Andy Warhol, Patti Smith, Larry Rivers and Robert Mapplethorpe. His life was shaped by drug use, which he wrote about extensively.

Carroll also published several poetry collections, while his 1980 album, "Catholic Boy," has been hailed as a landmark punk record, and he became known for one of its songs, "People Who Died."

But it was "The Basketball Diaries," his autobiographical tale of life as a sports star at Trinity, an elite private high school in Manhattan, that brought him his widest audience. The son of a bar owner, Carroll attended the school on a basketball scholarship.

The book, which began life as a journal, was first published in 1978 and then became even more popular, particularly on college campuses, when it was issued as a mass-market paperback two years later. A 1995 movie version starred Leonardo DiCaprio.

His poetry career started even earlier. Carroll was in his teens when he first received recognition for his poems, especially "Organic Trains" in 1967 and then "4 Ups and 1 Down" in 1970. Among his other works are collections such as "The Book of Nods" (1986), "Fear of Dreaming" (1993) and "Void of course: Poems 1994-1997" (1998).

Carroll left New York in 1973 and moved to California, where he met his future wife Rosemary Klemfuss. They later divorced.

It was Smith who encouraged his music, and he formed the Jim Carroll Band. Among his other albums were the less successful "Dry Dreams" (1982) and "I Write Your Name" (1984).
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I caught bug or somthing I feel sick since Thursday

had a meeting today that went long a lot was talked about it went well

missed out seeing V soon I will have more time after I move which on the 8 th to see her and get this wedding stuff on and see her more

From the shoot

LOL! I'm pretty flattered though the others girls I work with were nice and some outfits were very nice but the owner and the gusets like how mine photos came out more than anyone esle and they going to use it for some other things funny though I was pissed I take great photos when I'm mad it was 11pm and I has been there since 4pm so I was cranky and hungry they feed us bitch food I call it that it was chips and dips and light popcorn I wanted real food

"Lancer did this amazing post apocolyptic theme'd hairstyle on his model, Star Rising. We love the mix of fashion and art, it reminds us of Tank Girl meets Doctor Who (very steampunk)".

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Someone can't just can't talk and face things ......My Dad says no matter what this asshole say now is a lie . I have to keep telling myself that over and over and over anything I still felt turn into pure HATE as of last night

We will never be friends ever he used me and lied and lied and use words to beyond hurt me

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LOL i was a cute zombie slayer last night but turn ghetto with the guns got in my hands "Break yourself fool come out your pockets" yes I said that it was fun

photos soon

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Going see Dev's band play tonight then head over to the merc this will his last few days then Eric aka Cabana-Bot will be gone living and going to school in Minnesota he won't be out friday so he says lol! he is leaving Saturday at dawn I'm going to miss him a lot
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In other news

Dyeing the hair plum red

Dev has been staying with me and Victor well last was his fisrt night he has stuff here mostly crashing other places moves in his place on the 10th hopefully

had good weekend with the boyfriend feeling better voice almost 90% back to normal but now I feel a cold coming on I think cause I got caught in the rain last week.

times up must rinse this crap out
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