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From the shoot
LOL! I'm pretty flattered though the others girls I work with were nice and some outfits were very nice but the owner and the gusets like how mine photos came out more than anyone esle and they going to use it for some other things funny though I was pissed I take great photos when I'm mad it was 11pm and I has been there since 4pm so I was cranky and hungry they feed us bitch food I call it that it was chips and dips and light popcorn I wanted real food

"Lancer did this amazing post apocolyptic theme'd hairstyle on his model, Star Rising. We love the mix of fashion and art, it reminds us of Tank Girl meets Doctor Who (very steampunk)".

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Fun!! You look like your getting ready for Burning Man, though! lol

Joseph wanted to look like really the end of world clothes he handmade my whole outfit

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