BLAH BLAH and whatever

Dev Fell down some steps today his dreds saved his head he pretty banged up though I freaked the hell out when I was told he doing well joking as always being a smartass I'm watching him so he won't just pass out

Check you e-mail woman !!!

yeah I would

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I made too many social engagements a lot of B-day stuff now until next week this always somehow happens to me shit!!!! must go pack my gear for tonight and then the showbox thing for the next day.

Damn it's cold !!!!!!

Home Now
I was in Millcreek for 3 days with Jade and Johan looking at the new place they moved there I had a good time Missed Victor Jade was happy to have there.

they just drop me home just now

Despite this news and I am freaked about it more worry that someone will get hurt I will still perform at Neighbors Tonight!!!

Took a break
Now I ready to go back to work it was great last few weeks being with my son but now back to school he goes

Washing a lot our clothes now
I need to pick up my Costco card I paid for I thought they would mail it to me but nope I have to get photo taken

Why is snowing again? it wasn't so bad this time but I don't like it

me and Victor doing well he had fun on Saturday night and Rose somehow reunited him with old friend of 16 years like I said she is connected to my past. Blue gave me this awesome jacket I wanted of hers and nice sexy boots I really wanted the coat she was wearing I walk around with it on feeling like a diva got chat with Holly and if you haven't heard Christian and Tina are back living in Seattle he kept his word he would be back.

I was called a Foodie Saturday well I am I guess I love really good food Shawn aka Beaker wants to drag me to the ArtTable sounds fun I wish Victor was open to new food he is very picky what he eats when we go out he is trying

Taken from the lovebirds D and V
The rules are that for 8 days you have to post something that made you happy that day."

Day #1

Victor told me we will be okay if I quit my job soon he held me. I couldn't make into work at 6am not going to risk my life taking 2 buses and my health it was pretty bad out this morning the streets didn't clear up until 11

Damn!!! True
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For Tiphany
Yeah it was Jack White I know that voice


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