BLAH BLAH and whatever

Just Me
10 February
I live in the world.
I love candy and sleeping.

I can't think about this right now I will get back to it later

I write short stories that are true and made up
alot not really perfect but Hey I know what I wrote anyway. I find that alot people don't really understand me I'm kinda of a loner and shy just like in school nothing really change
I just feel like I don't fit in so I keep quiet. But once I start talking Watch Out .

I'm a T.V., movies triva wiz I amazed myself the stuff I know sometimes all that T.V. watching.

The one thing I really want to know is what the hell that kid in Neverending Story said you know almost the ending when he yelling the name for the princess so the kingdom won't die .

" If I don't like you there must be a good reason I just don't hate but it's hard for me to trust
but if we become friends I will be in your life forever even if I don't see you I will be in your life .

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I am flower named Blutears12 !
I consist of my friends!
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Loony-Bin Lane9
Confusion Lane67
Mt. Happiness148
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